New ways of creating music

We are all musicians, some better , some worse - some brilliant.

Too often do we at Mirror Music hear people say that they have no musical talent and that they can´t play or create music. We believe that music is for everybody, regardless of previous musical experience or training, and that everyone can create music if they only get the chance to do so without the pretensions that can come with traditional instruments.


We are constantly looking for new sounds and ways of expressing ourselves through sound and music. This has led us to create new and interactive instruments that turn everyday objects, and even people, in to musical pads on which you can play and create music. We believe that music, in combination with other senses, is one of the greatest tools for communication and we therefor experiment not only with the audio- but also the visual aspect of playing and creating music. For example we´ve created a drum machine from an old LP record player where you can create your own beats by placing objects on the rotating record. This gives you both a visual and auditive experience of the music that you create.



We´ve used these instruments on workshops, events and live shows. We can create your "company sound" and turn your product in to a physical instrument that will convey the message or story that you want to tell to the costumer when they touch it.

If you are curious about how we can use this technique for your company, brand or product just let us know and we´ll get back to you with some ideas. We are more than happy to create workshops for all ages regarding sound and music and the impact it has on our daily lives. If you have an event and want a fun and interactive happening or a interactive way of conveying information to the visitors? Then maybe our instruments is something for you!


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