The Goal


Get a good energy to start off the event with. Give  all the participants a musical experience of the swedish fika including an absolut cocktail.

How we did it


We brought our interactive radio and our ”Swedish Fika Experiment” to the event. The radio is a music installation that turns people into instruments, lets you create your own beats on the turntable drum machine and lets you jam on the tiny synthesizer. The ”Swedish file experiment” is a table that turns whatever you place upon it into a part of a large instrument. With these two instruments we held a live performance where we played a few songs both for and literally on the audience, making it an interactive performance as well. The audience especially liked when we played a drum beat on a drink and when the founders and CEO of the company got on stage to be a part of the radio instrument.


After the performance people could try the radio for them selves, create their own beats and play music on each other as well as on bowls of water. Suffice to say that people played on the radio from the second we set it up to until the venue closed. These types of installations really breaks down barriers between people and let the participants experience something fun and new together. It doesn’t matter if you are friends with your co-musicians before you start playing, you will be by the time you are done!


"The coolest fika I've ever experienced"


Tomas Bennich,

Investor Northzone



Client: Northzone


Mirror Music 2015