The Goal


Enhance the ”Sime magic” feeling (the feeling of importance, innovation and relevance) for the conference. Create a space where people could interact with the Sime brand. Emphasize the partnership with twitter.

How we did it


We divided the task into three parts. Intro on the main stage of the venue (Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden), an interactive installation and an interactive performance.


1. The intro

The intro was aimed towards enhancing the ”Sime magic” feeling and to create a link to the twitter partnership. We created a system that listened to twitter for specific hashtags and then turned those tweets into music. The audience of around 1500 people could experience a live electronic music performance accompanied by twitter as the opening number at Sime Stockholm 2015.


2. The installation

To further enhance the twitter connection and to create a space where people could both interact with and experience the Sime brand we created an interactive installation that we placed outside the main stage area of the conference. This installation listened to the #SIME15 feed and every time someone used that hashtag the installation displayed the tweet and started playing the same music that we performed live in the intro. The music then slowly faded away until another tweet came in and the process repeated it self.


3. The performance

To end the conference with a bang we held an interactive live performance at the gala dinner at Café Opera in Stockholm, Sweden. We used the dinner that was served as well as the people in the room to create and perform live music that turned in to a great and fun experience. The audience danced, laughed, sang along and a lot of photos and videos were taken.

"The Mirror Music team are some of the most creative

and musically gifted people I've worked with!"


Ola Alvarsson, SIME



Client: SIME conference Stockholm


Mirror Music 2015