The Goal


Let kids in Lunds municipality experience that music and science can be a lot of fun and encourage them to be curious about music and science.

How we did it


We created several interactive audio installations, that all had to do with water and conductivity, where the kids had to work together to create music. To start them off we held a workshop to show them how it all worked and to create an engaging feeling in the room. After that the kids were encouraged to experiment and help each other to get all of the installations running and together create music. Not only did the kids really go crazy on the installations, their parants seemed to enjoy it just as much.


Apart from this we also sent the installations on a tour called ”Experimentexpressen” where kids that live in small communities outside of Lund could experience the same concept closer to home.


"Now I know what I want for my birthday"


10 year old child

playing with the installations



Client: Lunds Kommun and SommarLund


Mirror Music 2015