Every project we do is unique, but still we have a way of working to get there. We’ve developed a simple yet powerful 3 step stage process to ensure that every project is unique, effective, perspicuous and adapted to our clients needs.

Step one is to analyze the message that you want to communicate through your brand, product or project. It is important for us to thoroughly understand the project/brand and planned customer experience.


Step two is to translate your message in to values that can be interpreted into music. A great experiece depends on strong and intelligible emotions

Step three is to compose music that communicates your message to the customer.

An emotional message that interacts with your other communication.

Music as an art form has always been used to evoke emotions in people. Think about all those songs that you can’t listen to without thinking of a particular memory or a particular time in your life. Not only do you remember the time you spent while listening to these songs, but you remember what you felt, what you smelled, what you saw and what you did more vividly than most memories. This is the power of music!


By connecting our different senses to construct rich experiences we create strong emotional connections between people and their surroundings. This is what we do using music and sound as our means of communication.

The 3 steps

Research obout music as a tool for communication


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